Whitney Houston & Celebrity Drug Abuse

Music lengend Whitney Houston has died, she was 48. It is reported Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. PT at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The cause was not given but sadly it is most likely a drug related death. Houston has had a history of drug abuse with cocaine. However some are calming her death was from prescription drugs and not cocaine. Never the less prescribed or not drugs seem to be the leading cause of death for celebrities.


Normally with a death of a celebrity I pull cards on the event.  For Whitney Houston I pulled The Chariot as her influences around her. The Chariot is a very fast moving card so I can say that I feel her death was rather quick, the events that took place in her hotel room were fast. Probably from the time she took the drugs to the time she passed was quick. Because we are reading into a death the card should be looked at in a reversed/ill-dignified manner. The Chariot can signal inter conflicts, battling two aspects/sides of her Self. Houston may have felt out of control in her life, she could have felt under a lot of pressure and just caved in. It could be that the only way in her mind she could get some control or release the tension was through drugs.


Moving beyond Houston I wanted to ask a general question of why do celebrities die from drug overdoses? The list of deaths due to drugs is extensive. So what is the common denominator? I pulled the 5 of Swords. With the 5 of Swords it points to a few things, firstly we are looking at the mind here, thoughts and mental processes are at the core of this issue. Secondly, the main thing in the mind of most of the celebrities is self-intrest, looking at their own needs and wants. Then on an inner or outer level in their lives there is a level of discord and hostility that pushes them to do drugs. This can be inner as a mental issue or outer as a environmental factor (people around them, etc)


RIP Whitney Houston

Lets remember her for her music and amazing voice. Here is one of my favortte songs (remixed)




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  • Nancy

    I keep pulling the 5 of Cups. Amidst such success, a feeling of loss, “not enough”, “not good enough” – – really feels like not valuing who you are. I also pulled the 4 of Swords for Whitney’s death – I felt like it was an accident – almost like she was exhausted, took something to sleep and just took too much. Sad, sad, sad.