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There are so many people in the tarot world that are amazing. Many of these amazing people have received recognition through writing books. However, in our day and age, social media allows people to gain recognition faster. Case in point, my award for Tarotsophist of the Year, for my work on YouTube.

Today readers are on blogs, sharing their thoughts. Instagram, the picture/video sharing app, allows readers to post their tarot card of the day or do videos like my Fast Fortunes (Quick daily reading under 10 seconds). Tarot is on Twitter as well. Tarot is everywhere on social media.

It can be hard to keep up at times, who should be followed right now? Here is a list of the individuals I think are just great and you keep an eye on them.


Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) – Based in Wisconsin, Theresa embodies what a tarot professional is. She has built a successful tarot practice and wants to help you build yours. Theresa mentors young readers. She is all about the next generation, because it is about passing on the legacy after all.

Follow Theresa on Instagram for daily six second tarot and cute photos of her cats  –  Theresa is on Twitter at Like Theresa on Facebook


James Jacob Pierri (Auset Gypsy) – Hailing from New Jersey, James knows it all. Tarot, palmistry, astrology. He is smart and has a lot of wit. We have long conversations about history, religion and magic. This stuff has been a part of his life since the beginning. You can find James in Bethlehem , PA at Into the Myst. He has been on the morning news here in New York City


Visit James at – He is on YouTube as well. He has a nice series of “On the Road videos”


Fiona Benjamin – Originally from New York but now is in Japan, but soon to return to the US. She is the recipient of the Young Tarosophist of the Year ‘13. I admire Fiona for her level of involvement, teaching and business she has created for herself. Fiona is a first generation diviner born and raised from a traditional Chinese household. I appreciate her perspective on many religious topics. Fiona is working on her first tarot deck Lunar Fire Tarot Fiona is also the co-host of the online show, Divination Radio


Visit her at – Follow her on Instagram at  read her blog like her on Facebook


Lisa Boswell – Lisa is from the UK and is a traditional Romani Gypsy fortune teller. She is working on a book on fortune telling that I cannot wait to read.  She is the Young Tarosophist of the Year ’14.

Check Lisa out at – Twitter


Intuitive Messenger Mitchell – Cheering up your mornings from Florida. The Sun is envious of Mitch’s bright disposition. He is a psychic medium, reads tarot and also does animal communication.

Visit Mitchell at view his daily videos on YouTube  Tweet him on Twitter






The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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