The Year of Justice

Justice - Gilded Royale
Justice - Gilded Royale

Justice – Gilded Royale

2014 is ending and a new year is upon us. You probably have noticed that each year is somehow unique and different from each other year. There are certain shifts that occur each year, they can be small shifts or huge shifts.

Using the tarot you can see what each year’s theme may involve. This will help get an idea what the year will be about. This is called your “year card”. To do this, add the month and day of your birth with the current year.

Month = 8 Day = 4 Year = 2015


2+0+2+7=11   (do not reduce if the number 22 or under).

2014 was a Wheel of Fortune year for me. Looking back now I do see how it was a Wheel of Fortune. Thankfully 2014 expressed more the of the positive aspects of fortune and good luck. My life experienced an expansion, The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune.

2015 will be a Justice year. Justice for me is a card about adjustment. I have reflected myself on what I want to do in 2015 I want to study more and set aside more time for my personal interests. To do this requires adjustment in scheduling. I need to adjust my activities and make sure I provide time for different aspects of life. This is a challenge for me because I am the type that likes to lounge about and not do anything. Therefore, I have to adjust my behaviors to reach more goals.

What is your card of the year? I recommend you purchase “Who are you in the Tarot” by Mary K. Greer, for more info on this subject.

Happy New Year!




The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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