The Soul Spread

The Soul Spread


I am in a very philosophical mood today and wanted to do this post for a while so the timing is perfect. In Platonic philosophy there are three parts of the soul, which are


1)       The Logos (The Rational)

2)       The Thymos (The Spirited)

3)       The Eros (The Appetitive)


Logos (λόγος), represents our mind and reasoning (intellect, thinking). This part of the soul seeks truth and knowledge and a desire to learn.

Thymos (θυμός), represents our emotion, spiritedness and the masculine aspect. It is the part of the soul that you find temper and anger. This part of the soul seeks power, honor and fame. It is our ambitious aspect.

Eros (έρως), represents desire, our physical needs (appetitive) and is the feminine aspect. This part of the soul seeks to satisfy its present needs. Instant gratification, it is the most primitive and animalistic part of the soul.


To understand what your soul is feeling and advice it has to give you regarding a particular situation you can pull one card for each of these aspect of the soul.


1)       Logos – The rational thing, the truth of the matter, what can be learned?

2)       Thymos – The motivation behind everything, what you seek to gain?

3)       Eros – The self-gratification aspect, what you desire right now, the thing that should be controlled/limited.


How can we use this spread? Let’s try an example.

The main thing on my mind is my current issue regarding my job. I want to leave and go to another department. So let’s see what my soul has to say about it.

Logos – 3 of Swords ~~ Thymos – Justice ~~ Eros – 8 of Wands


In the Logos, the 3 of Swords shows that logic is clouded and is being overcome by emotion. In this issue logic and emotion are intertwined. The 3 of Swords indicates a need to make a hard decision.

In the Thymos, Justice shows that my motivations are just and with reason. Justice may symbolize the need for correction and fixing. What I see to gain is fairness and equality, which I feel has been lacking in my present environment.

In The Eros is the 8 of Wands which shows that what I desire right now is a fast escape. The 8 of Wands is swift and fast. I want something, anything to be done right now just to get me out of where I am. The 8 of Wands shows also a desire for conclusion and having things come to an end. The Eros aspect needs the most limiting and control, so to balance this out I need more patience.


This spread has been a success! Try and see how it work for you.


~ Live Every Day the Tarot Way




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  • Kareena

    I just appeared for a PhD interview and asked what my soul feels about me doing a PhD using the Legacy of the Divine tarot spread.

    Logos: 6 of Pentacles
    Thymos: 8 of Pentacles
    Eros: 9 of Cups

    My Logos logical mind, says that I should just go with the flow as the Phd has come to me as a gift and blessing, which is so apt since I received a scholarship, so the exchange of money in the card makes sense.
    My motives are that I want to be a scholar like the man in the card and be surrounded by books since i love reading, researching and learning. ,My Eros mind says what I desire right now is a life of luxury and relaxation. Taking this step means that I wont have to take up a job,and the cups signify that i love doing this kind of thing. I will be very happy on this path.

    Thanks for this spread… Its awesome!!!

    • Angelo Nasios

      I am glad the spread helped u! The pentacles shows that your logic and motivations are clearly of the practical and grounded nature.

  • Amanda Donnelly

    Great spread! I used it today, as well, to good effect. Thank you for sharing!

  • http://Website cyndee

    This was really interesting to me. I never used those terms before. Those cards tell an unbelievable story. Cannot wait to try it later.. Will let you know how it goes.

    • Angelo Nasios

      Yes please try it Cyndee, let me know how it turns out.