The Progression of Enlightenment



The progression of enlightenment, is the process in which the soul journeys through life seeking enlightenment by increasing the level of it’s consciousness. This process is reflected in the tarot from The Tower all the way to The World.


Before we begin we need to take a step back and look at The Devil. The Devil card is the card before the progression of enlightenment. The Devil is reflective of ignorance, which is the opposite of enlightenment. The card is dark, the background is black, the two figures are changes to a devil creature. This card is a card of addictions, being chained to something, we are ignorant of the influences at work here.The Devil is the lowest and darkest level of consciousness in all the cards. It is where Ego rules over us.


After The Devil the cards reflect an increasing level of consciousness. The main symbol which reflects this increasing of consciousness is the increasing of light in the cards. The Devil was pure darkness. And each following card light is increased little by little.


The Tower is the first card in the PoE, the striking of lightning is the spark that brings attention to our ignorance. In The Tower two figures are following from a tower being stuck my lightning. This represents the first flash of awareness. It is hard to realize that our ignorance and ego have clouded our thinking.It is an abrupt change and shift in energy that we see the results as destructive. However we are physically fine, it is our ego with is being destroyed.


The Star comes after The Tower and here the light of the stars shine down on a naked woman. The experience of The Tower has shaken us deeply that we have become “naked” or exposed. The stars brings us light to see in the night. They are faint but they allow us to know where we are and how to travel. Stars where used my sailors to travel safely. The Star is about guidance and guiding our direction. Our consciousness has moved from egocentric to having an awareness of a higher power/guiding force to life.


The Moon follows at The Star and here the light of the Moon is brighter than the stars. Darkness fades more and light is having a stronger impact. The Moon does not create its own light but reflects the light of the Sun. For whatever The Sun represents The Moon reflects the opposite. Here we see the influence of the sub-conscious, our intuition, creative expressions and our dreams. The Moon lights up the night but there is still darkness and you still cannot see things clearly and logically. Fear still comes up, your mind plays games with you. Here our consciousness focuses on our intuition and feelings. Subjective experiences. Connection to our dreams is important.


The Sun follows The Moon and here the light over comes the dark. The light of The Sun banishes darkness (ignorance/ego) and we see things clearly and logically. The Sun symbolizes enlightenment, however not at the highest level. The Sun is at a human level of intellectual enlightenment. Our consciousness here is focused on facts, and objective knowledge. However this is not enough, the soul needs spirtual enlightenment.


Judgment represents the soul’s awakening to a spiritual truth and spirtual enlightenment. The source of light here is the Angel Gabriel, which shows that the source of light is of divine origins. The souls purpose and path becomes known here in Judgment. However still here Judgment is not the highest level of consciousness. Judgment represents a personal revelation and thus personal enlightenment to ones purpose and calling. The Level of consciousness here is focused on personal revelation and understanding your purpose, becoming enlightened to a truth about yourself not known before. It is here your consciousness finds its spiritual identify.


The World follows Judgment and it is here at the end of the Major Arcana we see the highest level of consciousness. Here in The World we become truly connected with the divine. The World represents the Anima Mundi, the World Soul. In Kabbalah, the physical world we live in is called the 1%, while the realm of God (The Light) is the 99%. The 99% represents true reality, it is the source of everlasting fulfillment, joy, wisdom and perfection. Our level of consciousness has transcend the physical world and we have joined our consciousness with the consciousness of God/Divine/The Light.






The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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  • Jaime Rivera

    Hey, thanks for the great info! I’m learning a lot from your videos and blog posts.

    What deck do these cards come from?

    • Angelo Nasios

      The deck is the Aquatic tarot

  • Jaime Rivera

    I see. I looked it up and it does not seem to have been released in print. Too bad, because it looks great. I would have bought it.