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The One Question Tarot Cannot Answer?

Tarot is an amazing flexible tool that can answer a whole spectrum of questions. Some think Tarot can answer any question, given enough time and thought. I agree with this to some degree, the more experienced you are, the more likely you are able to answer complex questions. However, I think I uncovered a question which Tarot just does not work on.

How can I be more fake and inauthentic? This question came up at most recent tarot salon class at the tarot school. We were done with our class, now eating our dinner and doing readings. I was using my new Thelema Tarot that night. Ferol Humphrey posed the question to me to ask the cards. I do not remember why this question came up, I think it was random, as a way to see what the cards would say to such a thing.

The reading was awkward, the cards just felt weird in such a position. I felt the cards were unable to answer the question. Then I asked the cards, how can I be more authentic and true to myself. The cards that came out made perfect sense and a valid reading happened.

What I observe them from this is that Tarot's goal (one of them) is to elevate you and to transform you for the better. A question that works against this purpose, how can I be for fake, simply is not a valid question for Tarot. Tarot does not want you to be fake or inauthentic, the cards are not designed in a way that supports something that is inauthentic.

What do you think about this? Ask your cards the question, how can I be more fake or inauthentic? What are your results? Does the reading feel awkward? Can Tarot  answer this question?

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