The Law of Attraction Delusion Disorder

The Law of Attraction, also known as “The Secret” is a metaphysical law that “like attracts like”.  That positive or negative thinking create positive or negative outcomes.  To obtain what we want in life we need to change our thinking from negative, “I want” to a positive mindset of “I have”. Your mind creates your reality.

I am a believer in this law, that our thoughts do create our world. That negative thinking leads to negative outcomes. This is simply because our thoughts and feelings determine how we react to life situations. Our actions are physical manifestations of our feelings. Its not very metaphysical when you think about it, it is common sense.

However what the Law of Attraction (The Secret) makes it appears is that you can obtain whatever you want just by thinking positive thoughts and positive things will come your way. This is an overly simplistic view and it leads to a delusion I call, Law of Attraction Delusion Disorder (L.A.D.D).  People who suffer from this disorder believe that they can obtain the ideal in life, without any effort on their part. I once came across a client who had L.A.D.D and wanted a reading from me. She said she was studying The Secret and wanted to attract the “perfect mate”, she made a list of all the traits this person will have. She shared with me the list and then asks for a reading on how to help find this man. I told her the list is too specific and ideal she won’t find a man whole has all of these traits. She replied to me and said she will because she will attract him through the Law of Attraction. That all she has to do is think positively and he will come. I refused the reading and told her that no one this perfect existed, that she should focus on finding someone who has many of these traits but not to focus on them meeting all her expectations because she will be disappointed in the long run.


What many people do not realize is that the secret to The Secret is that you also have to take action in order to manifest what you want. The Law of Attraction is a two-part process. First step is to think in a positive way that aligns yourself to your goal. The second step is taking actions that lead you to that goal.

Thoughts + Actions = Goal 

Often people will ask the tarot when they will meet someone or get a job. In my readings I also explore their thoughts and influences at the present and then what actions they need to take to obtain what they want.  Without action you get nothing in return

Spheres of Influence

There is another component attached to Law of Attraction that is over looked as well that is an important component in Magick, which are Spheres of Influence.  I learned about spheres of influence from Jacki Smith in her Book Coventry Magick, Jacki explains that our lives are filled with influences of others as well as our influences on others. Spheres of influence are “all the people who are affected by our actions and all the people who affect you”. When casting a spell you are trying to manifest something specific (attract in Law of Attraction). The effectiveness and the quickness of the manifestation are directed mostly by your spheres of influence. When you cast a spell Jacki says “you send out fishing lines of energy to see if anyone responds and can help you manifest this energy”.  The larger your sphere (more connections with other people) the higher chance you can manifest what you want.  The smaller your spheres and limited connection with others the slower you will manifest your magick. For a woman who is casting spells to find a lover and never leaves her home, she is working on a small sphere of influence. She will end up dating the mailman. Spheres of Influence can be applied to Law of Attraction. The larger your sphere the better you can attract what you want. The chances of the universe aligning what you want are greater.

The Forgotten Laws

The Law of Attraction is not the only metaphysical law. There are numerous laws, the most common listing is at twelve, called the 12 Universal or Cosmic Laws. There are two Laws I wanted to explore and how they affect Law of Attraction. These two laws are The Law of Cause and Effect and The Law of Compensation.

The Law of Cause and Effect is simply the law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Law of Compensation goes further into the Law of Cause and Effect and relates to how we are provided with blessings based on our deeds and daily actions. You can call it Karma if you want. These Laws go back to my whole point of actions. Your actions are what lead to compensation, the blessings that are given to us in return for our deeds. The most important thing in this Law of Compensation is that if you expect something for nothing, it is a violation of this law. So for people, who follow Law of Attraction, thinking and expecting to receive without anything on your part (no actions, no change) your violating the Law of Compensation and you will not attract what you want.

Law of Attraction Spread

Tarot is a great tool to help us manifest what we want. Tarot is great at exploring our thoughts, feelings and what actions are not working and which actions we should be doing to better attract what we desire.  This spread is inspired by The Law of Attraction.


State out loud or in your mind what you wish to attract.  Example “I want to attract a loving relationship”.


Pull the following cards.


1)   What thoughts help to align myself with my goal?

2)   What thoughts hinder me from my goal?

3)   What actions do I need to take to align myself with my goal?






The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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  • Mary

    Thank you for stating what that book “The Secret” totally forgot.
    I remember reading it and finding it was way too much looking like a fairy tale to me. Really, only thinking and be gratefull would do the trick ? I felt like I wasn’t reading the small characters on the contract 😉

    Later I read a book from a german psychologist doing dynamic psychology ( Karl Otto Schmidt : Le Hasard N’existe Pas ) and he explained the same thing in a single exemple : you want to be someone else ? Well, picture that person and every time you have a decision to make, ask yourself: what would that person do ? Act accordingly.

    Nice article. Now I’m interesting in those Cosmic Laws :)

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