The Horror that is Mercury Retrograde

 Mercury Retrograde in AUGUST 2- AUGUST 26

There is an event that happens three times each year; no it is not a visit from your mother-in-law, it is Mercury Retrograde. Astrologers and the metaphysical community loathe this event. Most hate it; some fight it while others try to ignore it. In this blog you will come to understand what retrograde is and how mercury retrograde in particular affects us.


What is retrograde any way? Retrograde has nothing to do with vintage styling, so please put the bellbottom jeans back in your closet, or the dump as a favor to us all. Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards in its orbit around the sun. The planet does not actually go backwards, it is an optical illusions from earth because of the different speeds in the orbits of the planets.


What does retrograde do to the influence of a planet? Retrograde is seen to have a negative influence on a planet. Whatever the given planet rules and influence seems to become distorted and warped.   For the tarot readers here, retrograde is like a reversed card. The normal energy is changed and in the case of Astrology it’s not good.


What does Mercury do? Oh well I could write a whole ton about Mercury and the layers upon layers there are to this planet/god/pain in the ass. So let me say as much as I can before you pass out on the keyboard and drool. Mercury is associated with all things intellectual. Thinking, speaking, learning and reasoning. In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes the messenger god with winged shoes. Hermes moved very fast, he had to as a godly messenger you can’t be late! Hermes was the god of language, writing, travel and thieves among other things.  For tarot readers, think of The Magician Reversed.


What happens when mercury goes retrograde? Picture Hermes speeding along with a message between two gods and all of a sudden the wings on his shoes get clipped. He falls down to earth with a splat and some angry gods whose mail does not get delivered. When in retrograde all things relating to mercury goes crazy.


Communication is interrupted, people misunderstand one another, can’t communicate effectively, express what we are thinking and things just come out of our mouths wrong.  Communication has a broad range. Emails, phone calls, texts, Internet, snail mail everything is subject to confusion, delay and misunderstandings.  It is not a good idea to sign any deals, contracts, agreements and any official business during mercury retrograde. Something in these dealings will be wrong and you will not see the mistake until it is too late, or something will be done wrong that will be detrimental to you. General rule of thumb, don’t make any major decisions.


Travel; do not travel long distances during mercury retrograde. A tire my blow, energy will over heat, and the a/c may just break during the heat wave. Stay close to home. Expect delays at the airport and lost baggage. Oh yes don’t forget a little groping by a TSA agent!


Crash & Burn, Anything mechanical is also under the influence of this retrograde. So your P.C (even Macs) can break, especially the hard drives so back up your back ups. Dishwashers, TVs, the fridge and the car are just a few things were your may see a break down in mechanics.


On the personal level, mercury retrograde affects our ability to reason and understand. Our intellect becomes narrow and marginalized.  Details are over looked, mistakes are made and we choose the wrong things to say. We experience blocks and delays in our everyday lives. You seem to be late and never on time.

Good news, not all is doom and gloom, mercury retrograde is a good time to rethink things and break down our need to intellectualize everything and go with a more emotional approach. Thing of it like The Hanged Man, who’s world is turned upside down, and needs to see things in a new way.

Tarot Time! Get your deck out and ask,  “How will this Mercury Retrograde affect me the most” & “How can I minimize the affects of mercury retrograde on me”





The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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