The Deck does not define you


In my last post I spoke about owning more than one deck. In this post I want to build on that topic and go a little deeper. While many readers collect decks and have massive collections. The deck or decks do not define or make the reader a good reader.

Years ago I was chatting with someone online who told me they used a very special and rare tarot deck that you cannot buy in stores. It was created by someone and only they made them. This person also claimed this specific deck gave them more accurate and better readings. This was due to something magical within the deck.

Now this is flat out B.S. But I want to explain a few things about this issue because it can confuse some people and some may agree and say some decks do give better readings.

The connection between a deck and the kind of reading you get out of it always depends on the reader. The reason that a reading seems “better” with one deck over another deck has nothing to do with the deck being magical or special. It has to do with the connection between reader and deck.

Some readers will connect better with some decks, then others and this connection leads to better readings. The flow and ease the reader has with the deck allows them to communicate what the cards are trying to express. If you have a difficult deck you don’t mesh well with you will most likely have an inferior quality of a reading.

Going back to the readers who collect decks (me for example) I want to let those out there that may be new to Tarot that the goal is not to have a huge collection. You do not have to buy every deck on earth! Having a billion decks does not a make a reader great. Find the one deck or decks which work for you and use them.

Also, do not feel forced to use a specific deck out of trend or popularity. Find the deck you like. I do feel some reader have lower opinions of some decks and raise their nose to the sky over readers who use said decks. STOP IT.




The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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  • Meilena

    A deck is kind of like a crystal we just need to pick the one we are drawn too. Thank you for saying this!