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I have been very busy this past summer buying decks it seems. As of today, I have acquired four decks (the fifth has not shipped yet, darn it!). Deck collecting is a joy of mine. I may not use all of the 90+ decks I own, nonetheless I enjoy having them when needed.

There has been a deck I have been eyeing for some time now, and I waited for the right time to buy it. My birthday seemed like the right time so I ordered it (along with others, I bought many “birthday decks” this year. The deck in question is the Alexander Daniloff Tarot (2012 Second Edition), an Aecleltic Tarot’s top ten deck of 2012.What really caught my attention with this deck was mainly the Major Arcana. If I had make a list of my favorite decks based on the Majors, this deck wouldTarot of Alexander Daniloff make top five. They are provocative and magical.

The artwork is highly refined. The deck’s use of symbols hits a sweet spot. Some decks become too symbolic that it is paralyzing in a reading (for me at least). A healthy symbolic deck uses symbols in the right amount, to the right effect. The Alexander Daniloff Tarot does this very well. The time period/setting is medieval. The people appear to me to look like wood cutouts, Pinocchio like. This is evident in the wood carved like faces.

Tarot of Alexander Daniloff

The deck follows the Waite-Smith tradition mostly, but also takes artistic liberties of blending different influences. TdM can be felt in here as well, with card like The Fool, The Lovers, and The Sun. This is not a Waite-Smith knock off, complete copy. It is familiar but also new at the same time. The deck comes with additional Strength and Justice cards for alternative numbering order.

Tarot of Alexander Daniloff

The cards are long, longer than standard decks found in the market. They measure at 140×73 mm (5.5×2.9 inches). They are not rounded at the edges, so they are pointy! I was upset by this, but this is a European Tarot deck and that is the style in which true European decks are done in. The card stock is also different from what is standard in the market. I found the cards to be very soft, lacking much sturdiness. Shuffling is not easy it requires careful attention. For this, I sadly feel I cannot use this deck too often for fear I would ruin it quickly. I plead with the creator; please upgrade the card stock so that this can be a deck that will last the test of time. The card stock’s texture is delightful with a smooth matte finish, which is always a positive.

In spite of the questionable card stock the deck is fabulously rich. A great addition to your collection. The deck goes for € 48 ($54), plus shipping from Italy.

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