Test Your Tarotuition! #1

With the “Test Your Tarotuition”  I will upload a Three Card reading to a made up question. Your task is to give your interpretation and answer. Please post the response in the comment section below. Try to be as detailed as you can.  The purpose to for you to flex those intuitive muscles. Tarotuition how you apply your intuition to tarot.


Senario – Janice comes to you for a relationship reading. She wants to know if her boyfriend Adam is “Mr. Right”. Whats going on in the relationship, where is it heading?

Reading – 6 of Wands – King of Cups – The Empress






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  • Beth

    6 of wands (the hero) Adam has returned to himself, feeling confident in his actions and perhaps exploits. He has gone from the young and possibly rash rebellious pup to a more emotionally balanced adult (king of cups) i feel he has learned to integrate the fire (wands) actions aspects of his personality and temper them with the water (cups) emotional. In short i think he has learned to weigh the consequences of his actions, but to also act on what he feels, once he has come to his decision.
    I think in Janice he sees growth ,his empress. The feminine to his masculine. I believe he sees a victorious future with her, but might still be in the stages of deciding emotionally if she is a conquest, or a much longer term relationship. He knows he can have her, but how long does he want her for. (That is all i get from the 3 cards… i would need to see another line to say where i think the relationship will go…right now he is deciding still)

  • http://mariotarotalbania.webs.com Mario

    “The male returns victorious from the war. He claims his deserved King’s throne. After that he brings his trophy to the great Queen.”
    I would definitely say that Adam is the right one for Janice. This relationship is going step by step to a victorious stable achievement. We start by a Minor to a Court to a Major,and I interpret that as a kind of positive development. I can also see three things: the crown in a stick(6 of W) which becomes a chalice(K of C) and which becomes a sceptre (Empress), which also talks about this development process. The 6 of wands is a card of success and victory, so i would say that their relationship is a kind of success for the other part. Adam may feel lucky to have Janice (he thinks of her as e victory) or vice versa. If we have to compare the two characters male and female, we have to compare the King of Cups to the Empress. As i always say: “There are a lot of kings and queens but there is only one Empress and only one Emperor”. So rather than saying he is the right for her, i would say that she is the right for him.
    I would also say that Adam is being represented as a lovely, emotional, gentle, loyal husband, while she is being represented as a devoted, authoritative, successful, beautiful mother.
    The ‘negative’ thing i can see is that the Empress also blocks some feelings when talking about emotional life. She is a protective authoritative person, so Adam is something soft to her. He may be too sweety, even more than enough.
    My answer is yes, they can have a great future together, especially as parents…

    • Tasha

      beautiful – love the comment on the progression, crown- chalice- sceptre, as well as that it is her that is right for him..I feel like her Empress ways also facilitates the positive expression of the King of Cups ….just found this blog – ah-mazing. :)

  • http://www.AngeloNasios.com Angelo Nasios

    Great responses!

  • http://occlumens.eu/maybefrench Mary

    @Mario I wouldn’t have said better !
    I was thinking the same but you pushed the details further, I especially like your thoughts on the parenthood. It remind me I’d read the same thing about the King of Cups and the Empress. I would have forgot to say those kind of things !


    @Beth : I think your underline a good point about the evolution from the victorious, rebel, young men to the King. Thus the pondering of him wondering how he wants the relationship is pretty good. I think you nail something there.

  • http://mariotarotalbania.webs.com Mario

    Thank you all!!!

  • Jan McG

    Janice has been through some struggle & challenge recent past, & harmony in this relationship has been tested. A personal conquest has been made by Janice on a deeply emotional level of learning & gaining knowledge & has grown through recent self-doubt. She is now in a place of confidence & self-belief & regaining personal empowerment. Adam has also grown emotionally & seeing Janice as his conquest in some way & acknowledging the qualities in her which he desires. They seem right for each other in many ways although Janice is now looking straight ahead, with or without Adam. No definite conclusion in these 3 cards. Janice is focussing on her creative & self-nurturing qualities & enjoying ‘the woman she is’. There is potential for a happy relationship between Adam who has a loving & caring heart and Janice who is loving & nurturing. Both need to believe they are on the same ‘wave lenghth’ regarding love, commitment, family etc., With recent challenges behind them both, I see a period of 6-9 months to determine outcome. Janice is looking to future contentment, not behind to past challenges. Adam may still be looking to Janice for those qualities he desires, & may continue to wonder.

  • http://Www.kateholley.com.au Kate

    I love this idea, I just stumbled upon your blog and would love to give this reading a shot.
    For me, I see it that Janice has enjoyed a lot of personal success, likely with work, and is now ready to look for a long term relationship. I think that with the six of wands, she may have felt that the men she has met in the past were somewhat distant or weren’t on the same level as her in some way.
    The King of Cups to me represents how she sees Adam. From this I would say that she sees him as quite strong, but emotionally available and prepared for commitment. She may even feel that he is coming on a little strongly in this department.
    With the Empress in the final position, I would say that it is a good omen for her and Adams relationship. While they are still in the heady, initial stages of their relationship now, this relationship appears to be heading toward a very grounded and settled relationship. I feel that her strength will balance him out and together they have the opportunity to grow and nurture something beautiful within their relationship, and possibly even with their own children in the future.