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Death – Waite Smith Tarot

Key Concepts

Death – Change – Transformation – Transition – Endings – Removal – Elimination




Black amour & White Horse = balance off opposities, life & death. Yin and Yang.

Feather = The feather on the helmet is lifeless, limp. As in contrast to The Fool and The Sun which are full of life and energy. This is symbolic of Death, lifeless and ending.

Sun = The sun in the background is either rising or setting. It is ambiguous to allude to the concept of transitions, in-between stages, endings and beginnings.

River and Boat = Passages and transition from one side to the other. often symbolic of death from the physical into the other side (Underworld).


Meaning & Message

Death speaks more about metaphorical and symbolic Death rather than actual physical death and dying. However it is a possible subject which it can represent in a reading. Do not fear this card if it comes up in a reading. 

The main meaning in Death is endings. It is a card which represents endings of all sorts. From the loss of a relationship, the ending of a job or even the ending of project, the ending of stage of life. Anything which ends and comes to a completion.

Second, the idea of transitions which comes as a result from endings. Something ends and we transition into something new. When we end something we allow something new to enter. As  a relationship ends a new one may start and take it’s place. There are many life cycles we go through, transitioning from childhood to adolescence with the start of puberty. The from adolescence into adulthood, on to old age then finally death.  The birth of a child is also a transition and death of the parents life as individuals responsibility for themselves, now being responsible for another life. The Ego dies a little, now it is not just about you but about your child.

Thirdly, removal and elimination. Death signals a need to clean house. Remove what no longer serves you, old notions and ideas which are out dated. Replace it with up to date and useful ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Remove what is physically useless like junk in the house.

Shadow Aspect – Ill-dignified 

Fearing change, fearing loss of control and stability. Wanting to keep everything the same, never changing. This causes stagnation and thus blockages and energetic backups in your life.  With regard to actual Death you may be in denial, unable to express your sadness, unable to mourn or accept the loss.





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