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The 9 of Swords


9 of Swords – Waite Smith Tarot

Key Concepts

 – Worry, Anxiety, Fear, Distress

Something is causing you to be anxious, fearful and worried. These emotions are originated in your mind. Somehow you convinced yourself that you may be in present danger or something in the future will turn out against your favor.

 -Trouble sleeping, nightmares, insomnia 

Experiencing nighttime problems as sleeping problems, restless nights, constant thinking that keeps you from sleep.

 – Negative Cognition 

Your general thinking is set to a negative mood. Doom and Gloom type of mentality.



The woman in her bed crying stands to represent nighttime troubles. Crying indicates sadness, depression, worry and anxiety. The swords above her are symbolic of her thoughts that hover over her mind.


Psychological Aspect

The 9 of Swords is a very psychological card. Because it does with anxiety, fear, depression and all sorts of cognitive distortions. Around 30% of the American population has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Fear and Anxiety are two different emotions. Fear deals with the present through danger being presented to us. Anxiety is a future based emotion, fearing an outcome that will not be in our favor. Behavioral theorists believe that we become anxious through classical conditioning (programing) to be anxious in certain events. We are wired in other words to that tendency. Anxiety is co-morbid with Depression. People with anxiety often have depression as well. This idea is reflected in the 9 of Swords.


Messages & Meanings

– You are worried and anxious about something outside of your control. This lack of control may be the source of anxiety. Avoid extreme thinking when the 9 of Swords appears. You worries may only be that of thoughts, without any real evidence or reason for real worry. Examine your thinking critically for flawed reasoning.


Shadow/Deeper Meaning

You may be invoking bad dreams, looking for danger. Deep down you know that you are being irrational.




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