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5 of Pentacles – Waite Smith Tarot

Key Concepts

Hardship, unpleasant situation(s), trouble meeting your needs, lacking resources, needing help/assistance, separation, forced isolation, rejection, financial problems, spiritual void.



Church – The church in the background represents the “establishment” or society as a whole. The church is mean to be a place of safety and security. It provides spiritual and material aid.

Bell around the man’s neck –  The bell indicates this man has leprosy. He is rejected by society because of his condition. The bell warns others when he is around.


Meaning and Message

Because the church represents society and all types of establishments and the man has leprosy, he is left outside (excluded). He is separated and isolated, the only companion he has is a woman (his wife?). This brings us the meaning of feeling rejected by other and being forced into isolation.

Fives bring us challenges, Pentacles represent the material so this indicates material/financial hardships and difficulties.

The is a spiritual void within this card. This card when not indicating material poverty it represents spiritual poverty. Feeling spiritually lost, or disconnected from the divine.


Shadow/Deeper Meaning

Your arrogance and or pride keeps you from getting help. Instead of seeking a solution you seek revenge for your current disposition.




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