Tarot M&M – 2 of Wands

Key Concepts


2 of Wands – Waite Smith Tarot

Initial ideas and concepts. Vision, forethought

The stage in which the 2 of Wands is in represents ideas coming to mind, formulating concepts and planning things out in your mind. No action has been taken, simply just the brain storming part. Anticipation for the future, forethought is key.


Personal power, confidence

You are in control and have the power.




Placement of the wands, one is moveable one is attached to the building. This denotes having a safe option and a risky option.

Globe in hand, represents power, control, big ideas and great aspiration.


Shadow Aspect

Lacking faith in yourself and your abilities. Holding yourself back out of fear. Fear of the unknown and the mysterious. Desire of material wealth and fame.


Meaning & Message

The 2 of Wands shows that you have a choice to make. Between adventure and what is safe. Risk vs security.

You are planning or starting to make plans for change. Right now you are merely thinking and mapping things out mentally.

Positive directional changes are indicated if next to favorable cards like any of the good Pentacles.

There is a lot of potential in this card.




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