Tarot Fortune 1/10/2011

5 of Wands & 7 of Swords

Fast Fortune

“If you want to get the upper hand you need to be sneaky”

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The Five of Wands shows that today will be one of challenges and competitions. You may find yourself in an argument, a battle with others. In order to win the Five of Wands asks that you be unique from everyone else you are battling. The 7 of Swords may suggest the path to take in order to win. Most people want to win fairly, but you may need to bend the rules and think a bit outside of the box. The 7 of Swords says you may need to take some less than honorable measures. You may need to be sneaky, lie, steal ideas and or spy on the competition. If not relating to you these two cards may suggest that you be cautious to others who wish to deceive you and pit you against others in your team of social circle. Be cautious of peoples inner motives today.

Featured deck, Legacy of the Divine Tarot




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