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The symbol spotlight is a new series of posts, which I intend on doing to highlight different symbols. Some symbol spotlights may tie into Tarot or may not. I intended on giving a broader survey of symbols, both in and out of Tarot.

This Symbol Spotlight is on Helmets. Tarot Cards to consult are the four knights and Death.

Helmets were created for protection in war. Over time, they were designed with embellishments to convey magical powers, depicting gods and animals to invoke these special attributes. Different helmets designate rank and position within a group.

Examining the Knights of the Tarot, each Knight’s helmet is unique to each suit with an emblem on the top. The Knight of Cups, on his helmet shows the wings of Hermes, the psychopomp (guide to the souls) in mythology as the mediator of the unconscious and conscious in Jungian psychology. The Knight of Wands, on his helmet appears to be a fire like plume. Designating the fiery energy of the card, it is a card of force and power. The Knight of Pentacles, on his helmet appears green shrubs, resonating the earthly connections of the suit. The Knight of Swords, on his helmet are red feathers, connected with the element of air.

Death is depicted as a rider on a horse with full armor. On his helmet are lifeless feather, denoting the significance of Death. Feathers lift the soul up, as the air lifts a bird in the sky. The still feather of Death shows a lack of spirit, life force.




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  • Kristen

    Wow! Great insights on a tarot symbol I havent really thought much about. And the lifeless feather of Death…I never considered that. Brilliant.

    • angelonasios

      Thanks Kristen for your comment. You should consider getting a copy of The Secret Language of Tarot by the Amberstones (Tarot School), it is full of insights on symbols. I will be exploring more symbols through more posts, focusing on tarot or symbols in general beyond the tarot. Stay tuned.