Review – Tarot Foundations: 31 Days to Read Tarot with Confidence

“Tarot Foundations provides the new reader with the skills and knowledge that are essential for understanding the tarot and interpreting a reading. The easy and well-defined workbook will improve your confidence at the end of thirty one days”

I have known about Biddy Tarot for many years. I believe it was one of the first websites I came across on the Internet as a young tarot reader. Run by tarot reader Brigit Esselmont, Biddy Tarot has developed over the years to become an excellent resource for readers looking to expand and grow their tarot knowledge. The Free card meanings online are highly useful. The Tarot Guides, Brigit’s eBooks “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings” has over 330 pages of tarot wisdom!

Brigit’s newest addition to her lineup of eBooks is her “Tarot Foundations: 31 Days to Read Tarot with Confidence”. Which goal is to build your reading confidence by presenting tarot to the new reader is a clearly structured manner. As the titles suggest this is a 31-day course into tarot. This workbook uses a “learn then do” approach, each day you are presented with a lesson and then an activity based on the lesson.

The 31-day course is broken into 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 (Days 1-5) “Getting Started”, some basic topics are covered. Learning about the tarot itself is presented, selecting your deck, cleansing and caring for the deck, investing in a few good books and keeping your tarot journal. If you are a new reader and do not have a journal yet, get one and use it for this workbook and incorporate outside resources into your journal as you go along with the course.

Chapter 2 (Days 6-18) “Learning The Tarot Card Meanings”, Brigit examines an important issue regarding the learning systems, between rational and intuitive. Many readers wonder which is better, book meanings (rational) or the intuitive approach. Brigit covers this topic, she allows you to try both out and make up your own mind. Each of the suits is covered in Chapter 2, minors and majors. However specific card meanings are not taught. The focus here in the workbook is to introduce you to the general meaning of each suit as a whole. There is however a Keyword charts in the appendix of the workbook. For a more in-depth look at card meanings purchase Brigit’s The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings. Numerology is another important aspect a new reader should know and is covered in here. As I mentioned specific meanings are not provided, however you are presented with the suit’s general meaning and the a numerological meaning which you later use in an activity to create keywords based from these two principles. A useful list of symbols is presented in this chapter. It is not an extensive list, it is specific to the cards.

Chapter 3 (Days 19-23) “Deepening Your Tarot Knowledge”, you learn to create a Tarot card profile. Which I simply think is perfect for every tarot reader to have! Brigit give you a blank template in the appendix for you to print and use to make card profiles for every card. This is great to put into a tarot journal. I tried to do something like this in the past but felt overwhelmed; Brigit makes it looks so simple! Another lesson I liked in this chapter was creating tarot combinations. Understanding each card is essential but learning to combine cards is paramount to a good reading. I am happy this is included in the workbook.

Chapter 4 (Days 24-29) “Learning to Read Tarot”, now you are ready to apply the knowledge you learned into reading the cards. You are walked through preparing and setting up for a reading, framing a question, shuffling and laying out the cards. Brigit provides easy to use three-cards spreads. I am a huge fan of three card spreads. I think they are great and good for beginners and experts in tarot. Again a blank template is provided in the appendix for the Three Card Spread which I love and may consider using in my own practice for recording readings and noting them! You learn to interpret a tarot reading The Biddy Tarot Way© in four steps. These four steps will give you are orderly way to approach the reading, step by step.

Chapter 5 (Days 30-31) “Establishing Your Networks”, you are presented in this chapter helpful links and websites to connecting with other tarot readers. Continuing your Tarot education and staying in the loop is important. Tarot is a dynamic tool and there are many resources out on the Internet. I strongly suggest you find a group on Facebook, follow a few tarot blogs and of course watch me on YouTube for tarot related videos.

Finale thoughts.

Overall I am very pleased with the presentation of this workbook. Being that it is a self-published work it is highly professional. I love that is in color and using the Radiant Rider deck. The lessons are clear and to the point. It is easy to understand and uses common language, very little “woo-woo” talk as I say. I feel confident that if you are a brand new reader who has little to no knowledge in tarot you will learn much from this eBook. You will be able to familiarize yourself in the world of tarot. As for readers who are not so new, somewhat in the beginning phase the workbook provides information that you may have skipped over or not know about from other sources.


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