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Have you ever asked yourself, “What should I ask my cards today?” The daily reading is a common practice for tarot readers. However the practice can become a bit dull over time without a little spice. Sasha Graham knows all about spice and she brings in a lot of flavor into the daily reading tradition.

365 Tarot Spreads is an ambitious work. Sasha’s goal here is to provide the reader a daily spread for them to explore. I had high hopes for this book and was excited to see how Sasha would pull this off. Sasha has done a excellent job and I am pleased as pie.

Each day has its own spread and each spread is somehow linked to something related to that specific day. For example January 3rd, this is the feast day of Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. The spread presented on this day is a protection spread used to ponder from whom, how and why you might need some extra protection. The spread goes like this,


1)   Am I open to the influences of others?

2)   What energy surrounds me?

3)   Is there energy I must be aware of?

4)   Who aids me?

5)   What protection can I count on?

6)   How can I ground myself?

7)   What should I do to protect myself?


Sasha also includes a card on the side, which relates to the spread, in this case the Queen of Wands. Sasha comments that the Queen of Wands maintains the strongest energetic field in the deck. She also says that if you read for others grounding is important as to not unintentionally absorb the querent’s energies.

There is also a blurb above the card, often relating to some historical fact or background or comments on the spread of the day and inspiration of the spread. I like this section because as a history junkie and trivial knowledge king these little cookies of wisdom are great to use at parties!

The spreads you will find inside this book are various, unique and will provide you continuous insights. This is a one of a kind tarot spread book!




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    “revealing the magic in each day” – I love this! Sounds like a wonderful idea.