Reflections on the Fall Equinox 


Blessed Mobon to you! I am a day late posting this, but goddess forgive me. I posted the video on YouTube early so I get credit for that!

At this time of the year in the northern hemisphere, we are entering darkness. Mabon marks the half way point between Summer and Winter. Day and Night or equal.  Persephone leaves her beloved mother Demeter to return to the underworld and her husband (and uncle yeek) Hades. (Read all about Persephone here

This is a time of reflection on change, as this is a period of change. Please see the below I made below on the subject.


Using your cards to ask the following questions

  • What is changing in my life?
  • What needs to change in my life?
  • How do I come into inner harmony?
  • How do I harmonize with the outer?
  • How can I serve others?
  • What needs more analyzation right now?

What did you get? I got the following.












My reading shows that what is changing is my emotional state or relationship life. What needs to change, a new fresh start is needed. Inner harmony comes to me through knowledge and learning. I can harmonize with the outer when I “get out of dodge”. Leaving a bad situation when it is time. How do I serve others? This one is hard, what does the Eight of Swords says about service. Maybe I serve others, but removing the blindfold that holds them back? I feel like this card says I get shit on as my way of serving… Sigh.. Finally, What needs more analyzation, I need to analyze the material world/matters. Money, work, school. Pay closer attention to my environment and details to things.




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  • Brandy

    Eight of swords: Says to me; Not to give blindly or you will resent the service you give. You will feel restricted in this act of service and that defeats the purpose of service. Fly free and serve where you can. ;~) just a thought. Brandy