Overview of the Minor Arcana

Overview of the Minor Arcana


The Minor Arcana is grouped into four suits. Each suit rules over a domain of influence. These domains are based on the suits elemental association, which you will learn in the next chapter. The domains follow as,


Wands – Domain of aspirations, the spirit.

Cups – Domain of emotions, the heart.

Swords – Domain of the thought, the mind.

Pentacles – Domain of the material world, the earth.


The Wands


Ace – New adventure, risk and inspiration.

Two – Vision and starting point of change. Choices.

Three – First action, expansion and development.

Four – First success and results. Foundations established.

Five – Confrontation, struggle, strife and ambition.

Six – Recognition, pride and accomplishment, rewards.

Seven – Defending your beliefs or opinions. Standing your ground against opposition.

Eight – News, change and movement. Focused and directed energy.

Nine – Perseverance, creating a barrier, self-protecting.

Ten – Burdens, responsibilities and endeavors near ending.


The Cups


Ace – Emotional expression and new love.

Two – Connection, union, synthesis, reflection.

Three – Celebration, pleasure, happiness, friendship, community.

Four – Withdrawal, dissatisfaction and refusal.

Five – Loss, sadness, regret.

Six – The past, nostalgia, generosity, safety.

Seven – Options, choices, illusions and dreams.

Eight – Moving on, searching and unfulfilled.

Nine – Wish come true, satisfied, external happiness.

Ten – Family, internal happiness.


The Swords


Ace – New intellectual insight, righteousness, truth.

Two – Procrastination, dilemma, blocked.

Three – Sorrow, hard choices, sadness.

Four – Rest, recovery, healing.

Five – Defeat, unethical, slyness.

Six – Movement, change, assistance.

Seven – Stealth, trickery, undercover, inventive.

Eight – Confusion, restriction, repression.

Nine – Anxiety, worry, panic, distressed.

Ten – End, release.


The Pentacles


Ace – New goals, new opportunities.

Two – Balance, weighing options, flux.

Three – Work, creation, growth.

Four – Stagnation, hoarding, material security.

Five – Struggle, loss, hardship, spiritual emptiness.

Six – Loan, assistance, generosity, reciprocation.

Seven – Investment, review, reconsideration, patience.

Eight – Skills, learning, repetition, practical knowledge.

Nine – Autonomy, self-sufficient, material gains.

Ten – Inheritance, legacy and long term foundations.




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