Oracle Fortune ~ June 27th 2011

This week I am doing things a little different. Instead of Tarot Fortunes, I am doing Oracle Fortunes. I will be using the Oracle of Visions which is created by Ciro Marchetti, the creator of the tarot decks, The Gilded Tarot, The Tarot of Dreams and The Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

Fast Fortune

“Something waits to be born, make preparations for what awaits to arrive”

Full Fortune

Card 23 shows a woman in the forest, with a tree tattoo on her back. On her arm is a nest with eggs in it. A bird sits on her hand and in the distance we wind a unicorn. This card speaks to me as our relationship and connection with nature. The tree on her back symbolizes being grounded and rooted in the earth. Ciro states in his book that she provides shelter and is symbolic of the tree.

Card 5 depicts a flying boat with birds flying over it. A woman with a flying contraption that reminds me of something De Vinci would have made is about to jump off and see if it will work. This speaks to me as a leap of faith, not knowing an outcome but taking that chance to see if it will work. This card is a positive move forward, taking a direction into the future. Ciro states the same that this is the leap of faith as with The Fool in Tarot, but Ciro says that unlike The Fool we do not need to be innocently leaping. We can educate ourselves, test and asses the dangers before we jump.


Together these cards show that today we need to ground ourselves firmly in the earth. Next then we need to take a risk. The eggs in card 23 will have to hatch one day, they represent something that will be born. Card 5 shows the steps to take before the eggs can hatch. Taking a leap of faith.




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