Mona Lisa a Kabbalist? Who knew?

An Italian researcher in Italy has discovered hidden symbols in Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Vincet the researcher who is an expert in digital photography has examined the Mona Lisa in high resolution and claims to have found hidden symbols in the eyes. Vincet says he found the letter “S” in the left eye and the letter “L” in the right.

The letter “S” has been thought to refer to the possible person who may be the inspiration for the Mona Lisa, stating that it may refer to the Sforza dynasty of Milan. The letter “L” is said to refer to Leonardo.

The most interesting hidden symbol to be found is the number 72 which is painted in within the bridge in the background. The number 72 is an important number in Kabbalah. Leonardo was known to be passionate for Kabbalah. I believe that Leonardo put these letters and number in the painting for some purpose, nothing is random or without meaning in any of this.

The number 72 in Kabbalah refers to the 72 names of God. The number 7 and 2 on there own have significance as well. 7 is associated with the seven days of creation, 7 Jewish holidays. 7 is seen as a complete number. The number 2 represents wisdom & self-awareness. 2 is also a number of duality and balance.

Why is 72 drawn on the bridge? The bridge perhaps is a metaphor for the connection between this earth and heaven. It may represent a pathway or connection to God. The 72 names of God are a “bridge” to being connected. The background of the painting shows windy roads, mountains and a bridge crossing a river. It can also be the journey the soul takes when crossing to the other side.

The letters are drawn in the eyes, which may relate to the soul. Eyes are thought to be the windows to the soul. L&S drawn in the eyes may represent a union. A union of Leonardo and someone else. The bridge may be reflect their journey in this life and death. No one will ever be sure, it is all speculation.




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