Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury goes Retrograde in Saggitarius on November 24th.

It is that time of the year yet again when Mercury goes into retrograde. I noticed the influence of this retrograde when I noticed many people posting on Facebook that their phones were either breaking or they lost all their phone contacts. Mercury rules over communication so this is no shock.

Mercury also rules over travel, this is unfortunate because it is Thanksgiving week in the United States, one of the biggest traveling holidays. So delays and setbacks in your travels are expected. Make sure you are planned and prepared for anything that is thrown your way. If I were to be traveling during this retrograde I make sure my car is running properly. Its funny that this retrograde is in Sagittarius during this holiday because Sagittarius rules long distance travel.

The retrograde gets a bad name, but recently I have seem astrologers turning to the idea that the retrograde can bring some positive light. The retrograde tells you to Re-think before you do anything. Because information gets are screwy around this time, we may not have all the info, may interrupt the info wrong and thus say something wrong and or make a poor judgment.

This retrograde occurs in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius deals with philosophy and large ideas. With this retrograde a few things can happen. You may express your beliefs(philosophies) in a way that no one understands or takes what you say the wrong way. Or you maybe the one who is confused by someone’s philosophies. As an internal processes, you need to reflect on your personal philosophy on life. Re-think what you always held to be your beliefs and your views. Are they really yours? Or were they given to you? Where do you stand with your spiritual development? This may be a time for you to look at aspects you have been ignoring or Re-think at the ones you do accept.

If you are a Sagittarius or have a strong influence of Sagittarius in your natal chart this this retrograde will effect you more so than others. I have Sagittarius rising in my chart so I can validate that I have become very introspective recently.

Tarot Time

Mercury in tarot is The  Magician, so we need to put him in an ill-dignified position. Sagittarius is Temperance. Temperance is a card of moderation, this Thanksgiving moderation may be hard to control (no shocker there) but going forward until the retrograde ends we will see that how we communicate and try to create moderation or balance in our lives is either difficult or we need to go inside ourselves and do some introspection with regards to how we moderate ourselves. What needs to be moderated and what needs to be tempered in our lives.


Happy Holidays




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