How to Answer a Yes/No Question

So how do you answer a question that seeks a Yes or No?  This is a touchy subject because some readers think you should not answer questions directly as a yes or no…. Remember my post on the Oracle of Delphi, she never answered things as Yes or No. If you pushed her for one, then bad things happened lol


Well if you want to answer a yes / no question with tarot there are methods of doing this. This method comes from “Tarot: Prediction and Divination” by Susyn Blair-Hunt




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  • Shonna

    Hi Angelo,

    Great post. I’ve used Susyn’s method for yes/no since I learned it on an episode of Tarot Today Radio. It’s a good one and people really do like to ask yes/no questions!

    Would you interpret the odd cards in that spread too? Like maybe the 5 and King of Swords represent obstacles the seeker should be aware of..?

    Love your video posts — it’s a great way to learn!

    • Angelo Nasios

      Yes you can then view the odd cards as possible issues that may pose a challenge.

      Thanks for your comment

  • Rev. Lynn DeLellis

    That is great information. Answering yes or no questions has always been difficult for me. This is really going to help. Thanks.