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I heard President Obama on the tv today, only for a little. He was talking about mortgages and something called the “Homeowners Bill of Rights”, which would create simple mortgage disclosure forms, and protection for homeowners from inappropriate foreclosures. The new proposal would establish a quick refinancing plan open to people whose mortgages are  owned by banks or held by investors in mortgage-backed securities.


Sounds good to me. What does tarot have to say about this bill of rights for homeowners? What impact will this have on the people of America? I shuffled my cards to find out.

I pulled three cards, Death 4 of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles


Seeing Death here shows certain things will come to an end and be removed. This bill wants to simply forms and other things to help people when purchasing mortgages and help people in foreclosure right now. Death can indicate a end to bad practices by the banks. Overall, change will come as a result of this bill. I think the change impacts the people with the most financial control. The 4 of Pentacles can be see in two ways, either as the people with the control and influence over money (the Bankers) or the it can reflect the people of American at large. Death is changing the system of power and control from the Bankers and giving people more control over their finances. It will also help people save money. The Queen of Pentacles shows that this bill will be very resourceful for people as it gives them a way to solve problems. The Queen also indicates this bill is very gentle, that its purpose it simple and a no brainer. It’s only beneficial.




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