HOAX – The Zodiac has NOT changed!

I was shocked today when I heard on Twitter that the zodiac signs have changed, that I possibly was no longer a Leo! I freaked, I love being a Leo, I am a Leo through and through how could it have changed? Professor Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society claims that “because of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, the alignment of the stars was pushed by about a month.” This is because as the Earth spins on its axis it wobbles, causing the alignment of the sings and constellations to change. Professor Kunkle claims that you may not be the sign you think you are. In Kunkle’s new system I would be a Cancer….. um I am no Cancer, so he must be wrong.

This hoax has caused an uproar of confusion for metaphysical and non-metaphysical folk. Astrologers reassure that you are still the sign you have always been. Astrologer Strom Cestavani articulated it perfectly  when asked about this issue with “It’s bullshit.” Here is the reason this is all bull shit. I wish I could write my own explanation but this is worded perfectly. The following comes from Rob Brezsny‘s post on Facebook. LINK TO POST

The astrological signs are not defined by the constellations you see in the sky. In antiquity, when both astrological and astronomical thinking were based on insufficient data, the names of the constellations happened to be paired with the astrological signs. Today, those pairings are no longer in sync: Astrological signs do not line up with the constellations in the same way they did way back then, due to the precession of the equinoxes.

Modern Western astrologers understand this perfectly. It ‘s irrelevant to their work because the information upon which they base their hypotheses does not involve a study of distant stars or constellations. Rather, their data have to do with the movements of the planets in our own solar system within a zone of influence defined by the relationship between the Earth and Sun.

The key demarcation points in that relationship are the equinoxes and solstices. At the Northern Hemisphere’s vernal equinox, which occurs on about March 20th of each year, the Sun enters into the sign of Aries. At the Northern Hemisphere’s summer solstice, the sun enters into the sign of Cancer. The locations of the constellations are irrelevant; the “influence of the stars” isn’t considered.

To reiterate: Western astrologers don’t work with stars or constellations. Their focus is our solar system. They study the patterns of the planets and the moon as they pass through 12 zones defined by the relationship between the Earth and sun. Those zones have the same names as constellations because of a historical quirk, but they are unrelated to the constellations.

When Parke Kunkle triumphantly says, “There is no physical connection between constellations and personality traits,” as if he has finally stamped out the delusions of us astrologers, he doesn’t realize that we agree with him completely. We don’t deal with constellations.

So rest easy everyone your sign has not changed.




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