Halloween Spreads

Today is Halloween and I have put together some Halloween themed spreads for you to enjoy.


The Haunted House Spread



1 – The Skeletons in the Closet – The secrets you keep from others.

2 – The Rats in the Basement – The secrets you keep from yourself.

3 – The Black Cat in the Parlour – What makes your claws come out?

4 – The Jack O Lantern in the Kitchen – What, or who, would you like to carve up with a knife?

5 – The Ghost in the Bedroom – What, or who, haunts your mind and thoughts?

6 – The Spider in the Bathroom – What totally creeps you out.

7 – The Bats in the Attic – What drives you to the brink of madness.

8 – The Front Door – The way out of all this insanity


Trick or Treat Spread

1. Costume: What you’re wearing for the party – the situation.
2. Trick: The shadow/the unexpected
3. Treat: The positive side/opportunities
4. The Candy Bag: What you can take home – the outcome.


Season of the Witch Spread

Spread is shaped like a witch’s hat

1. The Witch Herself – Significator – sets the tone for the reading, the special powers the querent has and their ability to transform energy
2. The Cauldron – something percolating in your life – the matter of the reading
3. The Spellbook – the plan, where things are currently headed
4. The Black Cat – forces that are here to assist you
5. The Skull – a message from your ancestors, advice form those who know best
6. The Broom – what you need to take your plans further


Morgana’s Trick or Treat Spread


1. What do you want in your Halloween bag? (what is your goal?)
2. What costume are you wearing? (what role are you playing as you work toward that goal?)
3. Tricks (what is in your control – what ‘tricks’ can you do to work toward your goal?)
4. Treats (what isn’t in your control – what ‘treats’ come to you without your effort?)
5. What do you take home? (what comes to you from this experience?)


Samhain Spread



1. Autumn Yield (what can be used)
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside)
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to)

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods)
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide)
6. Misterious meeting (some unexpected encounters)

7. What to say goodbye to…
8. What to remember…
9. Results/conclusion


All spreads are courtesy of Aeclectic Tarot Forum. www.tarotforum.net




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