First Look – Tarot Spreads by Barbara Moore (Llewellyn April 2012 Release)

I was lucky enough to snag myself a advance review copy of “Tarot Spreads” by Barbara Moore which is coming out this spring! Thank you very much to Barbara and Llewellyn for sending me the book. I began to read the book right away and made a video to share my initial feelings and thoughts about the book. The full review will be done once the book is completely read.


Firstly I was expecting this book to really “bring it” and Barbara did “bring it”. So far it is fulfilling my expectations and then some. I have been looking for an author to make a case for spreads, the purpose behind the shapes and how cards are laid out that would possible change my stance on spreads. So far the cogs and gears in my head are turning and I am liking what I am reading. I may become a changed reader after I am through with this book.






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