Demons in the Deck?

Tarot cards?! That’s Devils stuff! You are brining demons into the home!! Evil they are evil!!!   Sadly many people have such a belief towards harmless cardboard with pictures. There is a strong belief held by many religious fundamentals that tarot cards are evil, they consult evil spirits or even the Devil.

Majority of the time these beliefs are most vocal among Christians. Divination comes up as a subject of concern in the Torah/Old Testament calming that it is a practice in “offense” to the Lord. Thus this makes many Christians opposed to the tarot because it is a system of divination. Divination or more specifically fortunetelling is banned in Islam as well. In Islam, a fortuneteller, psychic, medium etc are contacting the Jinn. The Jinn were created before man and are unseen by humans. In Islam, Allah is the only one who knows the future, no one else.

However this blog is not going to focus on the theological aspect of the acceptance of tarot. I wanted to focus on the idea that tarot can invite demons into your home simply because you have a deck of cards. The idea that tarot cards can invite a negative spirit or demon is absolutely false. Some would say tarot is like a Ouija board which is used to communicate with a spirit. Ouija has the ability to invite a negative spirit/demon (but not always) because most of the time people use the board with the intent on communicating with any spirit. It is equivalent to opening your front door and screaming outside, “anyone there? Come on in”. This is an open system of communication, open to anything. Tarot on the other hand is a limited and more of a closed system. Tarot does not connect with spirits wondering around, tarot does not act like a portal or doorway like a Ouija board does. Some view tarot as a connection to your higher self or subconscious. Because tarot works with the inner processes this makes it a closed system. Even when we open the tarot up to beyond our inner self, tarot connects to the universe as a whole and or to divinity. This is a limited open system, open to only a positive source.

It cannot be stressed enough that tarot is in reality a tool. Tools are neutral, neither good nor bad. The use of the tool depends on the user of the tool. We determine what we do with the cards and which path we go with it. You can go the path of Light or path of Darkness. Using the cards to better yourself spiritually, seeking insights and guidance is the path of light and always a good thing. In my years of using the cards, nothing evil has happened to me, to my family or in my home. Nothing but good has comes as a result to my use of the cards and many many other readers will agree with me on this.

If you are told by anyone you know that tarot is evil, that you brought evil into your home do not listen, if you feel drawn to the cards in your life then keep them. If you feel you no longer need them then you can do away with them. It is a personal journey and your choice.




The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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  • Stacy

    How I wish I could send this to my Jew for Jesus friend who is so terrified of tarot, she never lets me do a spread after I interpret her dreams. There is so much Judeo-Christian influences in Tarot, but as we all know, people will believe what they want. Great article!
    Stacy 😀

    • Angelo Nasios

      Tell me about it, people are fixed in their thinking. Can’t sway them.
      Thanks for the comment.

  • October

    When I was 15, my mom snooped through my room, found my wicca tools, threw them out (Well, actually made my SISTER pick them up and throw them out, out of fear of catching some sort of commutable Devil Disease), and ripped up my Tarot of Marseilles deck.

    We laugh about it now(well, at least i do), but back then, I was PISSSSSSED.

    This came from the same lady who sparked my intitial interest in astrology.

    I just tell christians, if they look at me sideways when i pull out my cards, that just like they believe they recieve divine knowledge and prophecy from god or the holy spirit, we do too. It’s the same intuition. It’s just taking higher wisdom, and bringing it down into a physical tangible existence that we can see, and learn from, in my opinion.

    Ya know what?… when you actually think about it, the tarot and the bible are …alot alike. They’re physical anthologies, composed of many different stories and scenarios, bad and good, with the purpose of teaching wisdom and connecting one with a higher power. In both cases, they’re just paper. But how you use that paper, for good intentions or negative ones, is the decision of the READER.

    Awww, shit. I gotta go blog that, lol.

    and sorry if this is a repost, lol. My bad.

    • Angelo Nasios

      My mother tossed my first deck in the dumpster. I secretly went and got them back lol.

      I like ur view of the tarot and bible being similar. You know the Tarot is often called the “Book of Life”.

  • Katrina W

    Thanks for posting this article!

    It is so true, the cards are just pieces of paper. Anything that is derived from the cards is an aspect of the ones using (or not using, in the case of avoidance) the cards.

    It is just a tool. The intent, usefulness, fear, opportunity, life force, or demon is in the mind of the beholder, not the cards.

    Fear-mongering is a bit like bullying, if you ask me. The religious bullies use metaphysical magic to instill fear and control in others. In this context, many Tarot readers and teachers are daring freedom fighters, working to spread a loving and life-enhancing message utilizing the cards to break the bonds of fear.

    In Spirit,

  • tarot readings

    I love your comparison of closed and open system relating to tarot and Ouija. You are right the tools are neutral neither good or bad. Coolness…

  • Daniel

    Bad entities are almost inside all churches I went to. Any cults or sect or church IS…full of it…because of the too often too much bad vibes that goes in those places. tarots are perfectly good if the intent is good. Period. Fucked up beliefs are the real enemy.