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The pale rider, Death, the one we avoid so much but is our closest companion. In the end, Death will be the only thing left, waiting for you all those years.

I nearly met Death, earlier this month I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very ill. I was nauseous, sweating and could not stand/walk. I had carbon monoxide poisoning.

I spent a day and half in the hospital recovering. Carbon Monoxide is the “silent killer” as the gas will render a person unconscious and they eventual die.

People said how lucky I was, that I could have died. For some, knowing they were so close to Death would have a great impact on them. For me however it seems to have had a less then dramatic impact, then one would think.

The reason I think is because it my perspective, every day and moment you are alive is a miracle, because Death can happen at any moment. Death is always there right by your side, even when you are fine, healthy and happy. Death is there in the corner chilling, on standby. So that fact that I have not died yet at any given moment thus far in life is just as much luck as me not dying from the carbon monoxide, the only difference is I was closer to death than usual.

PS, Please make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working. If you don’t have one, go get one :)




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  • James Bulls

    Yikes, that’s scary that you almost came face to face with the lone rider. Life is too short to climb atop a white horse at such a young age.