Cut or Uncut? Tarot without borders

The first time I heard about deck trimming (cutting off the borders) I was horrified! How could you take a blade to your tarot deck? It seemed to me at the time the closest thing to heresy. However when I saw how a deck looked without the borders I was amazed. My opinion changed in a second. The images become more clear, powerful and bold (depending on the deck of course).

After seeing my fellow tarot readers starting to trim their decks and posting photos online it made me want to give it another go. The first time I trimmed a deck (Universal Waite) it failed. I had to replace the deck. I recently tried again and the deck came out too small, another ruined deck! So now I am on my third Universal Waite deck. My main problem was the cutting the corners. The corner rounded I used was too large and thus too much of the corner was cut,

I took Donnaleigh de LaRose’s advice and used the same tool she uses to cut her corners. I began work on my Druidcraft Tarot and it came out amazing. Here are some photos.







The Druidcraft Tarot is a very large deck and many readers have trouble holding and shuffling the deck. Removing the borders makes the deck smaller and easier to shuffle.

They look down right amazing now,

To see the difference here is the deck with the borders. Images courtesy to Donnaleigh de LaRose












Why would you want to cut the borders off your deck? Size could be the issue, like the Druidcraft Tarot. But normal size decks can use a trimming to. If you are like me and you read the cards together as a one image story (I.S.I.S Method) than a trimmed deck will allow the images to flow and connect with each other better, without the separation of the borders.


So are you ready to cut your deck?

First you need a paper cutter.

I use this X-ACTO paper cutter

You will also want a corner rounder, you don’t want pointy decks, Ouch!! This rounder is really good, Donnaleigh and I use it.

This is the process. From bordered to de-borded.

I also want to send you to Donnaleigh’s blog post of cutting decks as well and she has videos on cutting the deck which you should watch.


Happy cutting!






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