Thelema Tarot – Review


My latest deck acquisition is Lo Scarabeo’s Thelema Tarot. Designed by Renata Lechner, the original name of this deck was Thelema Dream Tarot. The deck first appeared on Deviant Art. “Rich in esoteric symbolism, magically inspired, and beautifully illustrated, the Thelema Tarot is woven like an enchanting spell. Let the evocative cards of this deck […]

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Interview with Jenna Matlin


Jenna Matlin is my guest today. Jenna is the author of the exciting new e-book “Have Tarot Will Travel: a Comprehensive Guide to Reading at Festivals as a Tarot Professional” You can purchase it at amazon AngeloNasiosThe recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. […]

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Reincarnation Sucks

Today’s subject is non Tarot related. While my blog is “That’s Totally Tarot”, a blog about Tarot I do want to discuss other topics regarding spirituality. I am an avid studier of religions, philosophies and all sorts of spiritual beliefs. This may be due to my early in life awareness of death as a child. […]

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