Phrasing your Question


Questions, they are the reason we approach the tarot or any divinatory tool. We may be facing a difficult situation in our lives, a tough relationship, and an important decision that needs careful consideration or some small curiosity. Tarot is a tool, which answers questions. The way a question is asked is very important. A […]

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100% Accuracy Guaranteed!

100% accuracy guaranteed!   Madam Herzog, Master Psychic 100% accuracy guaranteed!   Sorry but no reading/reader is 100% accurate. Stay away from anyone who claims they are 100% accurate. It is very rare for a reader to give a reading or prediction that is 100% on spot with every detail.   Most people have a romanticized […]

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Tarot Reversals

The wacky world of Tarot reversals is a controversial subject among Tarot readers. The views and opinions on how to read them differ. Some readers do not use them at all. First let’s look at why we would or would not want to use reversals. Then I will discuss some ways to read reversed cards. […]

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