Death on standby


*Filed under morbid and deep thoughts* The pale rider, Death, the one we avoid so much but is our closest companion. In the end, Death will be the only thing left, waiting for you all those years. I nearly met Death, earlier this month I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very […]

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A weekend at Schiffer


I had a wonderful weekend. Every year the authors of Schiffer Publishing are invited to their complex for their annual picnic. I went down on Friday to attend some of the workshop/seminars. Saturday was the actual picnic. Ferol Humphrey joined me as my guest. We left Friday morning for the three hour drive from New […]

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All T, No Shade – Tarot at the Gay Bar


This post is reflective of my personal development and experimentation of divination and alcohol for personal/ non-paid client readings.  The ideas and thoughts expressed here and the nature of this post is intended for individuals within the legal age to consume alcohol. I do not condone underage alcohol use and remind those who can drink to drink responsibly.  When […]

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