Burn the Heretics


A question was posted on the Tarot Professionals Facebook group. A question that resulted in some heated debate (to say the least). It is amazing how a simple and innocent question can divide the camp. The question, Is Kabbalah something you have to learn to be good at tarot? The question is a valid and […]

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Cultural influences on meanings


If you recall from my 2015 goals one of them was my desire to connect with my ancient Greek roots. I want to know more about the religious lives of the ancients, their views, practices and the like.  I received a book in the mail today, Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship which details the devotional practices of the Greeks […]

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Tarot Fundamental Tendencies


What are the fundamentals in tarot? Are there any fundamentals within studying tarot? The word fundamental leaves a bitter taste in the mouth mainly due to the connotations to religious fundamentalism. I am currently taking a course on religious fundamentalism just as a new Kickstarter campaign was launched for a book called Tarot Fundamentals (oh […]

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