Book Review – Who Are You In The Tarot – Mary K Greer

who-are-you-in-the-tarot-cover-smJust like Astrology has a major impact in it’s connection with Tarot and your personality, so does numerology. In ‘Who Are You In The Tarot”, Mary K. Greer decodes the digits of our names and reveals, who we are in the tarot.

“Who Are You In The Tarot” provides you with an opportunity to get to know who you are and at the same time better understand the cards by way of seeing ourselves in the cards.

Using numerology to figure out one’s cards (Birth, personality, soul, etc) is not a new concept, however Mary’s book provides us a way to finally put it all together and understand what the cards actually have to share with us.

Since this book is focused about you the reader I am going to share my experience with using this book and who I am in the Tarot.  Adding up my birthday in the method shown in the book to find my “personality” card I am The High Priestess. However I do my numerology differently than the method shown here. In my way of adding I am 11/2 Justice/High Priestess.  We will look at The High Priestess first. Reading Mary’s description of the High Priestess personality resonates well with it. For one she is connected with the Moon, I am always amazed when I look at a full moon. I could stare at it all night. She writes that “people talk freely to you about themselves and their worries because you are a good listener, you seem to know their inner most thoughts.” Which is a very true statement and a good thing that comes in handy being a tarot reader. She also says the “feminine qualities are highly developed, and women friends, mentors and teachers are very important to High Priestesses.” Another very true statement, I always connected well with women, in school I always prefer a female teacher/professor over males. Granted I am gay, my feminine qualities are going to be developed and females and gays go hand in hand. Non the less Mary is correct.

Who Are You In The Tarot is a fun read and very insightful. The book is packed with lots of information, do not rush yourself through it. Take your time and enjoy the journey of self-discovery via the numbers and the cards. This book is good for any reader level.




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  • luana

    Your Life path no 11/2, as your probably aware is also the gift of illumination! you inspire others and are very intuitive…! its very rare to come across! You will also guide the way for others as u continue to grow! youve definetly had a lot to learn! gaining insight and wisdom on your steep learning curve.. you have the gift of reasuring others as you shine your light for others to follow…by sharing ur energy and messages! you have a special role to play in this life time!