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downloadMarcus Katz and Tali Goodwin of Tarot Professionals (England) and authors of Around the Tarot in 78 Days:A Personal Journey Through the Cards are back again with another home run. The latest release from these two high profile tarot educators “Tarot Face to Face” work on developing your tarot reading skills by “facing” them head on.

The book has ten chapters broken down as follows.

ONE : Face to Face with Your Deck: Essential Skills and Methods.
Here you learn to speak in the language of tarot, which is a language of symbols. Your learn essential methods of reading like “Bridging” meanings together. Another methods included is “Pinpointing”, a method you will be familiar with if you “Around the Tarot in 78 Days

TWO: Face to Face with Your Deck: Practicing Tarot
Taking what was learned in the first chapter you are introduced to activities to get your brain to create new ways of thinking and seeking the world through the cards. “Turn a Word into a Spread” stood out to me, a method of taking one word of a client’s question and turning it into a spread.

THREE: Facing The Questions
Here you learn how to deal with the questions that will be asked of you and to ensure you stay relevant to the client. You will learn to deal with clients who have no questions or too many questions. Rephrasing the question and more.

FOUR: Facing The Querent
Tips and advice on dealing with the querent, behavior and interaction.

FIVE: Facing The Crowd: Reading for Parties and Groups
If you are a reading who does readings for parties and or groups of people this chapter will be enriching, instead of readings this chapter talks about games/activities to use to introduce people to tarot in a social environment. Fun actives like “Just a Minute Activity” and “Tarot Card Charades” will be fun for the whole group.

SIX: Facing the Outside World: Tarot for Engaging Life
Here you learn about your relationship with the universe and deepening that connection.

SEVEN: Facing Each Other: tarot and Relationships
This chapter focuses on spreads and activities regarding relationships. The “Loves Me/Loves Me Not Method stands out as a great technique.

EIGHT: Facing Yourself: tarot for Self Discovery
Tarot and self discovery is my favorite use of the cards. “Tarot in Your Sleep” is good for visual people and vivid dreamers.

NINE: Facing All Front: Twelve Spreads
Twelve unique and useful spreads are explored here in this chapter. The spreads included here are beyond basic and simple spreads. They are actually useful and explained how to use them in detail.

TEN: Tarot to the World
The concluding chapter deals with you, your tarot cards and the world. Some things mentioned in here are the “Six Types of Attitude” people may perceive you and tarot. Coming out and sharing your tarot with family members. As well as the “Legal and Other Worldly Concerns” like Legal, Commercial, Advertising and Media are explored.

Overall Tarot Face to Face is a book that offers numerous tools to you the reader to develop your skills and reading abilities. Tarot is not just about memorizing a long list meanings. Marcus and Tali offer here a valuable resource that all readers should expose themselves to.


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