Amy Winehouse Death – Quick Look with Tarot

British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London flat on Saturday July 23rd 2011. She was 27 years old. As of now, we know nothing about what caused this. So I am going to pull three cards to see what influences surrounded the event.














We have two court cards. King of Swords and Knight of Pentacles. This can mean there were two people connected to her death or significant in some form. As the investigation unfolds this will make more sense. The 8 of Cups reflects her personally, her feelings and main energy of her death. What I feel the 8 of Cups is representing here  is isolation, drained of energy and burned out., lacking hope and letting go.  It is an interesting card.

Amy is well known for her drug addictions. Cups can reflect addictions and drugs. Here the eight of cups shows being drained and lacking energy and hope. Amy at her time of death was most likely weak and tiered. This card is also about letting go and moving on. Which makes me feel that Amy some how, maybe subconsciously knew it was her time, or she wanted to “move on”. Which makes me feel that intentional death by drug overdose is a possibility. This is a sad card, and really represents her emotional state at the time. She might of been thinking about the deeper meaning to life, as the 8 of cups shows a need to understand the deeper understanding to life. She may have lost hope that there is more, or that their is a larger meaning to life or her life in specific.


RIP. Amy Winehouse.


UPDATE :  It is being reported that Amy died alone in her bed. This is a clear connection to the 8 of Cups (isolation, aloneness)





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  • Kareena

    Even I did an analysis on Any Winehouse’s death on my blog. It is interesting that even I got a few cups cards signifying her heavy alcoholism and a couple of male court cards. I also drew the Devil card signifying being trapped in a material world full of addictions. Plz have a look and let me know your take on the cards as well