7 Relationship Tips from a Tarot Reader


Questions about love are typically the most popular concern a client asks a reader about. It is understandable, love is important and we  invest a great amount of time and emotion in our romantic lives.

Clients also want to get inside the mind of their partner, “what is he/she thinking?”, “how do they feel about me?”. Communication is important and you should be asking your partner these questions directly. However, your partner’s words may not match up with reality. This is where tarot comes in to help sort things out.

Throughout the years I have read for people and advising them on their relationships there are certain universal messages that have come up. These seven tips about love will help you.

1- Communication= Temperance & 2 of Cups. These cards represent aspects of communication and being in contact with each other. Open communication deepens the bonds between the two people.  When we do not communicate, we separate and become isolated, the opposite of Temperance’s action of mixing the two elements between the chalices.

2- Commitment = Wheel of Fortune & 5 of Pentacles. Life is controlled by fate’s fickle wheel. We take the good with the bad. As they say, in sickness and in health. Love is about commitment and sticking it out with the person you love without giving up and leaving them when things are difficult.

3 – Partnership = 4 of Wands & 3 of Pentacles.  Hand in hand with commitment is a partnership. Together two people come together to work together towards common goals. Love is a thing that is cultivated, worked on and for foundations that lead to happiness and prosperity. They are called your “partner” for a reason, you two are a team, here to support each other.

4 – Secrets = High Priestess & 7 of Swords. Secrets are not always bad, we all have our secrets. Sometimes it is not best to be an open book to the person you love. Some things may be better off to yourself. But at what point do you share something you have been keeping hidden? It is time to share when your secrets or personal life is getting in the way of your relationship. When something becomes destructive thing you need to consider sharing.

5 – Openess = 9 of Wands & 2 of Swords. Secrets can be the root of many problems in a relationship. Some people are just very private. However, there is another aspect that is different which is being emotionally closed off. They are guarded, walled in from the other person. Often this is the case because of a past traumatic experience. A strong relationship requires you to let your walls fall down and open yourself to all possibilities.

6 – Letting go = Death & 8 of Cups. Sometimes people do not know when to let go and end a relationship. They cling on to the other person for a variety of reasons. Sometimes out of fear or habit. These cards, when they come up in a reading, point to the need to end things and move on to a more fulfilling relationship. Staying in a dead relationship does not nourish you and will not make you happy.

7 – Promise = The World & 2 of Wands. Many clients become upset at the prospect of ending a relationship, however often it is the case that tarot says that it is not the end. There is more out there for them, this person was not their only option. Find closure, then set your eyes on the future. Learn from the relationship, take the lessons, learn and grow. You become wiser and will help you in your next relationship.




The recipient of Tarosophist of the Year 2011, Angelo Nasios is a rising voice in the tarot community. Angelo is known for his popular YouTube channel in which he produces educational tarot videos. Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana, Angelo’s first book will be released by Schiffer Publishing.

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