Mirrors, Reflection of the soul

Mirrors have always caught my attention as something special. They hold to them a profound mystery and magic.  They never lie; they show the truth in their reflections. We may try to cover up what we wish but there is no fooling a mirror. After watching the movie “Mirrors” among making me poop my pants got me wanting to do some research.

Mirrors can be used as a magical tool for spells and a form of divination called “scrying”. You may know scrying as gazing, such as with a crystal ball the most popular method. Another popular method is mirror scrying. Scrying can be described as “an auto-deepening trance process that progresses in stages using tools such as a crystal ball, or other medium. Initially, the medium serves as a focus for the attention, removing unwanted thoughts from the mind in the same way as a mantra. Once this is achieved, the scryer begins a free association with the perceived images suggested, for instance in a crystal ball, by the tiny inclusions, web-like faults and/or the cloudy glow within the ball under low light (i.e. candlelight)”.

Mirrors superstitions and lore are vast. We all know about 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror. The root of this superstation comes from the belief that mirrors reflect the soul and by breaking a mirror with your reflection on it breaks a part of the soul. It would take seven years for the soul to be whole again. It was the Romans who attributed the seven years bad luck to their belief that life renewed itself every seven years.

Mirrors and death lore are very common. If a mirror falls it means someone is going to die within a year. A new born baby is not supposed to see it’s reflection for 1 year, or it would die. Souls becoming trapped in a mirror are a main reason for this belief. The covering of mirrors is done for many reasons. You may cover a mirror while you are asleep or ill so that the soul would not get trapped while it is out “traveling”. When someone dies mirrors are covered so their soul would not be trapped. A quite interesting and honestly scary tradition comes from Bulgaria. They cover mirrors in the house of someone who died because they believed that the soul of someone looking into a mirror of the house could be taken by the person who died. The mirrors would stay covered until after burial. (2) An ancient Hebrew tradition with the demon Lilith (the first wife of Adam) says that Lilith possesses woman by entering them by mirrors.

Mirrors are said to be able to keep ghosts away or remove them, so it is said that if a house is haunted placing a mirror in each room behind the door (Mirror facing the door) will cause the ghost to be scared by its own reflection.

The most famous mirror lore would have to be “Bloody Mary”. It is believed that a spirit would appear in the mirror after saying her name three times. In some versions of the story, the summoner must say, “Bloody Mary, I killed your son!” or “I killed your baby.” In these variants, Bloody Mary is often believed to be the spirit of a mother (often a widow) who murdered her children, or a young mother whose baby was stolen from her, which made her go mad in grief and she eventually committed suicide.
Magic mirrors have made their appearances in pop cultural. Such as the fairy tale of Snow White, whose evil step mother would ask her Magic mirror the ever famous line of “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” In the 1st Harry Potter movie there features a magic mirror called “The Mirror of Erised”. The mirrors magic would reflect the inner most desires of a person. Erised is desire spelled backwards.
Tarot is often looked at as a mirror to the soul. The deck reflects back to you what the reality is, mirrors don’t lie. They reflect truth. We use tarot to gain insight and wisdom that is truthful. Here is my favorite spread inspried by mirrors. It is great for reflection 😉

1.Holding the Mirror (Foundation – what I’ve brought to this moment in my life)

2. Dark Mirror Image (Dark self – flaws I need to address)
3. Bright Mirror Image (Bright self – potential I need to use)
4. Breaking the Mirror (Obstacle – What do I hang on to that I need to shatter so I can move on?)
5. Looking in the mirror (How I see myself)
6. Looking out of the mirror (How I see others)
7. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (The final piece of advice)
8. Reflections (How others see me)
9. Missing Piece (What do I overlook about myself?)




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