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Two of Pentacles

Esoteric Title – Lord of Harmonious Change

Two of Pentacles - Tarot Illuminati

Two of Pentacles – Tarot Illuminati


A man juggles two pentacles between his hands; the pentacles are linked together with the infinity sign. In the background there is one small ship and one large ship that are riding large waves.

Symbolism & Meaning

The Two of Pentacles represents juggling different responsibilities in life. Work, family, school, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, painting, fixing that door that has been broken for five months because you have been too busy to fix it. The daily grind is represented by the Two of Pentacles, because of all the responsibilities being required of us we need to become flexible. Flexibility and adaptability are essential in this card.

The esoteric title of the Two of Pentacles is Lord of Harmonious Change; the Two of Pentacles represents the ability to bring balance and harmony into the material world by practical means. The meaning of harmony (from the Greek Harmonia) is that which fits together, is in agreement and joined. The harmonious change in this card is accomplished by the blending of earth and water.

The Two of Pentacles represents weighing choices. What should I do, which option is worth my time, money, attention and investment? You are trying to weigh pros and cons and the long-term effects of one choice over the other, this is suggested by image of the pentacles joined by the infinity symbol. The ships in the background riding the waves represent our intention and action to pursue a goal even when it may seem we may feel conflicted inside. The Two of Swords was conflicted by the intuition and intellect so no choice way made, the card is static. However the Two of Pentacles is of the earth element which water helps to develop. This card is in motion; however it is the starting phase of motion. As you see the waves are rough, moving forward is a challenge. The man is capable of juggling, he is not struggling, yes it is not easy but it is doable. As to with life, it is hard but we are capable of meeting the challenges.

In readings the Two of Pentacles represents flexibility, balancing the everyday things in life. Many times when I see the Two of Pentacles it tells me that my clients are working multiple jobs or are balancing work and school. A need to be flexible in any given situation, you need to give a little to get a little. Pondering the possibilities of one choice over the other and being conflicted over which of the options is best. It is essential that you have thought things through before you make your choice.

When ill dignified the Two of Pentacles can represent inability to cope and adapt to change and new demands. You may feel nervous and tense about a new opportunity or task. You may be trying to multitask too many things and you suffer as a result. It is best right now if you focus on one thing at a time. Things can be unstable at the moment, it is not a good time to make change or try something new. Stick to what you are currently doing until circumstances are different.




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  • gaurav

    Hi angelo,
    Like ur post ,now i can understand 2 of pantacle.Day before yestarday I purchase glided tarot dack and tried ur isis method
    I got ,king of pantecal , 7of pentacle and queen of pentacle
    Now today i m going to start my business and as per the layout my story is as follow
    The king of pentacle is looking at the the tree in seven of pentacle.the lady in seven of pantacle and the king is waiting for it to third card the lady has become the queen and taking big pantacle from the tree
    .I thing my business will grow but it will take time .An
    Angelo is it the meaning of the card.And while suffling king of pantacle card was falling down

  • Angelo Nasios

    Gaurav those cards look positive!