Tarot Illuminati – Erik Dunne

Behold the Tarot Illuminati! This deck is amazing and a must have for any tarot reader and collecter. Please watch my card by card exploration of this deck.

The Tarot Illuminati by Erik Dunne, his first published tarot deck had taken the tarot community by storm and surprise. Those who followed Erik and the deck’s birth on Facebook got to see a masterpiece be born online. Finally the deck has been “birthed” into the world and what a deck it is!

This is a deck, which in views has skyrocketed to the top and has almost unanimous embrace as a masterpiece and is a deck, which can be placed on the level of Ciro Marchetti’s decks. I will mention that the art style is not the same of C.M as the two styles are different the reason the tarot illuminati can be placed on such a high pedestal is due to the quality, attention to detail and eye popping color.

Tarot Illuminati has nothing to do with the Secrete Society that bears the same name. Tarot Illuminati is about the process of illumination and enlightenment of the Self.  The central theme is of Light and the use of Light in the deck and the descriptions in the accompanying book refer back to Light concepts and references.

Some of the decks in the first production run had damage, missing cards or other problems. Luckily my deck was not one of those so I will not be addressing any complaints by others. Buy the deck and if you get a defected one get a replacement it is simple as that.  The quality of the deck is top notch for a mass produced deck published by Lo Scarabeo. The cards are borderless with gilt edges. The cards are wider than normal Lo Scarabeo decks. The card stock is firm, not flimsily. The color reproduction is great, it stays true to what I think Erik was trying to express in his cards.  Images on a computer will always look better than a printed image, that is a fact because a computer screen projects the image with light while a printed image reflects light to our eyes, thus a difference in appears. Don’t forget the reproduction on papers uses ink, not computer pixels which have a wider range. With that said the images are still stunning and eye popping, true tarot eye candy!

The artwork is lush and luxurious, flowing with textures, elaborate customs and  over the top realness this deck stands apart from the rest. However as wonderful as this is, in some cards this can make images look a little too busy with too much for the eyes to take in. This may be due to the shrinking of the images to card size from the original larger images. The Hierophant for example has a small head and hands compared to the rest of his body. Maybe the clothing is meant to be larger and puffed out? I am not sure of the creator’s intent however this is something I noticed. Despite this, which is a minor comment and the only “flaw” I can see.

Some of my favorite cards are Temperance, Judgment, The Fool, 2 of Swords, all the aces, 10 of Cups, 8 of Swords and 9 of Pentacles.

Overall I cannot stress enough how much I love this deck, it is a masterpiece!





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